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Designed to Execute

Bringing your projects from an idea to a reality

What we do

What we do

Network Design and 


Fiber To The Home



Network Engineering

and Design

Matrix specializes in developing and understanding every aspect of a network build. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and scope. Then we make it happen. 

Some of our major markets include:

  • CLECs

  • Education Campuses

  • Mid-to-Large Municipalities

  • Corporate Entities

  • Rural Communities

Engineering and Design


We specialize in bringing cutting-edge Fiber Optic technology to rural communities around the country. 

Project Management

Project Management

Our project management team is capable of understanding and coordinating every aspect of your project. We work as your advocate to ensure that tasks, timelines, and budgets are met, and that potential issues are caught and mediated before they cause delays.


Our number one goal is ensuring that you can stay focused on day to day, while we handle the rest.

Our Mission

It is our driving passion to design for the future and execute towards perfection. Our team understands the complexities of modern engineering projects, and can provide clarity, support, and success at any scale.

We started with a focus on networking, but have grown a passion for much more. We can bring you the experience and excellence that your project demands, every time.

Our Mission
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